Cool Entrance Decoration Ideas For Amazing Home Inspiration 16
Cool Entrance Decoration Ideas For Amazing Home Inspiration 16

31 Cool Entrance Decoration Ideas For Amazing Home Inspiration

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Vastu shastra for home entrance advises that any property with entrance facing towards the south western direction must be completely avoided as this is the direction of devil energy, which brings misfortune. As per Feng Shui, if wealth energy of the house is excellent, occupants tend to prosper in initial 4-5 years however a reduction in resources may be anticipated. Vastu shastra remedies state that houses with doors towards south western direction may use gems like sapphire, lead or earth crystals after consulting an expert in order to minimise the severity faced because of such defects.

The door which faces the south eastern direction tends to bring illness, court issues as well as anger in the house. One of the vastu shastra remedies to minimise such ill effect is to affix stickers with Gayatri Mantras on each side of the main door on the outer walls. In such cases too, the usage of gems such as Coral, sapphire etc will help in reducing the defects.

South facing entrance tends to bring to the house sharp energy that disturbs the field of positive energy in the house. In this case the entrance is symbolic of an active social scene which may bring arguments and disagreements in the home atmosphere. The remedy states that fixing two tiles with Hanumanji’s image helps the occupants of the house. One may also use lead or cat’s eye.

Doors facing westwards are source of active energy and the spirit of enjoyment. These are even considered good for youngsters and teenagers. Vastu shastra for home entrance is the reason why in the country of Japan, the houses of Geisha are found facing towards the west. The North West entrance also proves to be beneficial under certain circumstances. It is said to be the door to health, prosperity as well as wealth, when supported by certain other rules of vastu. One element in this set-up requires either the head male member would remain away from his house for considerable period.

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