37 Best Dorm Room Storage Organization Ideas On A Budget

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You are excited because you are leaving home for the first to go live in the dorm. You want to make it your own but how? Dorm room decorating can be rather tricky due to the limited space available to you. You have a million ideas but you have to narrow them down and find the ones that serve you the best.

The lack of space in the dorm is one issue that can and should be addressed with dorm room decorating. The closet door and even the door to the dorm room itself can play a role in the decoration.

The closet door can be utilized to keep an erasable calendar so that your schedule is always in sight. A small shoe storage bag can be hung below to hold small items that you have trouble keeping up with. The door to the dorm room itself can hold a small cork board for posting reminders that you see on the way out or notes to your dorm mate if you have one.

Your desk is the place where you will perform most of your work. You can decorate and organize it all at once. There are organizational sets for desks designed to look good and hold the essentials for you at the same time. They are available in various sizes from small to as large as you want to accommodate the space.

The space by your bed can be accented with a small rug that matches the rest of the room. You can purchase a small wastebasket and paint it to match. If you need to place items under the bed due to a lack of space, you can get storage containers on wheels and decorate them. (This works if the bedding doesn’t go all the way to the floor.)

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