Wonderful Retro Items Ideas To Make Your Home More Exciting 13
Wonderful Retro Items Ideas To Make Your Home More Exciting 13

37 Wonderful Retro Items Ideas To Make Your Home More Exciting

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It was a popular look back in the 50’s and even the 60’s but there was a time when this creative look disappeared. However, like all good things, it has a way of finding it’s way back. There are many different ways that you can decorate with this type of decor. You can have your room looking retro before nightfall.

You want a popular but retro look on your floors. One of the most popular looks in the 60’s was the shag rugs. You don’t need to shop yard sales and thrift shops to find a shag rug from the 60’s. You can purchase a reproduction of the shag rugs at your local retail shops. Some local rug stores will have a larger version of the area rugs as well as a smaller size.

Retro Bedding
When you want the retro look in your bedroom, you will need some retro bedding that will make a statement. You want to look for bedding that blends in with the same color as your shag. Shag rugs come in several psychedelic colors and now your bedding can match. You can also choose bedding that has a peace sign, a Volkswagen bus, or a pair of roller skates on it. There is also Tie Dye bedding that looks great in a retro room. Tie Dye can be purchased at your local retail store or you can make it yourself. Buy white bedding and Tie Dye it one afternoon when you have time. It’s fun to do and you can control how your design turns out.

Beaded Curtains
Don’t forget to add a set of beaded curtains in your doorway to get a retro look. They were once used in doorways and instead of headboards. You can still buy these retro beads in several stores or online. They may be a little harder to find because they are not as popular as the other retro items.

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