Best Minimalist Workspace Design Ideas That Suitable For Kids 12
Best Minimalist Workspace Design Ideas That Suitable For Kids 12

36 Best Minimalist Workspace Design Ideas That Suitable For Kids

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You’ll be surprised how much of an affect the surrounding environment can have on people and the amount of work they produce. A pleasant working environment can increase efficiency no end. Having an efficient workspace is not just about cramming as many people as you can into tiny cubicles. It’s about keeping your staff happy. Happy staff have less sick days and spend a lot less time complaining and more time working – to earn you money!

It’s all a question of motivation. The military have known this for thousands of years. Alexander the Great was hugely outnumbered in every battle he ever fought – yet he always won. His soldiers fought hard because they were extremely well motivated, as opposed to his enemies who usually had vast armies of conscripted farmers, who no doubt hated their oppressive leaders and ran away at the first sign of trouble! Modern armies still follow the example of Alexander when they try to instil the same motivation in their soldiers.

How does this translate into the workplace?

In this modern age you can’t simply motivate people with money any more. Sure, in the short term, giving everyone a pay raise won’t make them unhappy, but will it motivate them? probably not as much as you think! If they are unhappy with their working environment, you can pay them as much as you like and all they’re going to do is count the days until the weekend so they can go out and blow their pay rise. Spending that money on giving them a pleasant working environment is a much better investment. Instead of waiting for the weekend they’ll be much happier at work and actually get on with work while they are there!

Believe it or not, many modern employers are taking this even further by including lounge areas with things like comfy sofas, bean bags and video games – for staff members to use during their breaks. I’m sure many bosses would cringe at the thought of having video games in the office – picturing their staff playing games all day. Well apparently, it works!

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